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Posted on December 3rd, 2013

Elevation10 Update – Archive Availability and Reduced Pricing

If you are working in a cloudy region and need elevation data sooner than later, Elevation10 is the product for you. Created from radar satellite imagery which is not impacted by cloud cover, these elevation models can often be delivered within a month from the start of tasking.

A map of the archived Elevation10 data centered on south-east Asia where the bulk of it exists. Areas with coverage are shown in green.

And given that radar is an active sensor, no ground control points are required to achieve digital elevation models with 10-meter (m) resolution as well as 10-m vertical and horizontal accuracy. This is a huge advantage as it reduces turnaround time and eliminates the need for site access.

Elevation 10 Product Updates

(1)  Elevation10 does have a limited archive you can order from which will reduce delivery timelines even more. Here is a summary of the archive coverage by country/continent:

  • Algeria – 900 square kilometers (sq km)
  • Antarctica – 2,178 sq km
  • Chile – 230 sq km
  • Indonesia – 702,853 sq km
  • Iran – 182 sq km
  • Malaysia – 24,033 sq km

(2)  In the past several months, pricing for the digital terrain model (DTM) and digital surface model (DSM) products have dropped. If you have a pricing request, send it along to the Apollo Mapping sales team at

For information about Elevation10 specs, data sources and more, please refer to this month’s featured product article.

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