Posted on June 6th, 2023

“Crickets Chirp” Cartoonist Publishes “Anchovies & Ice Cream,” a Collection of Very, Very Short Stories

Ron Ruelle, who draws the monthly pet comics for “The Geospatial Times,” has just published his first novel, “Anchovies & Ice Cream.” It’s a collection of very, very short stories each about a different person. Most of the stories are a single page, and are in no way at all connected, unless they are.

Stories include hyper-imaginative preschoolers, murderous clowns, brain-dead corporate stooges, pulse pounding grocery store action, and Martians. Oh, and lots of frozen confectionaries and oily, salty fishes.

It’s 184 pages, and rated about PG-13-ish.

You can order it here, along with Ron’s other graphic novels at

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