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Posted on October 2nd, 2018

Apollo News Snippets – October 2018

The August 2018 NOAA temperature percentile departure map shows a large pocket of cooler than normal weather over northern Canada with pockets of record warmth in the northeast of the United States, northern Europe and central Africa.
  • The August 2018 NOAA Global Climate report is out and well as per usual, the warming continues. With the fifth warmest temperatures on record for an August since 1880, this month was characterized by record warmth across much of the world’s ocean basins as well as record warmth on pockets of all continents other than Australia and South America. That’s 404 months above the 20th Century temperature average as the Trump administration continues to deny climate change, sad…
  • October 12th is World Egg Day and in honor of these tasty morsels, my Google search of the month was, “GIS and eggs.” If you scan through the results, you might find this gem by Gillenwter et al. where they look at walleye spawning behavior. And okay while not chicken eggs, these are fish eggs they are looking at and the GIS analysis they complete is really top-notch work!

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