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Posted on November 6th, 2018

Apollo News Snippets – November 2018

The September 2018 temperature percentile departure map shows pockets of record warmth over every continent other than Australia with marked cold over northern North America.
  • I bet you are surprised to find out that the September 2018 NOAA Global Climate Change report shows the warming trend continues. The month marked the 4th hottest September on record since 1880 which means the five hottest Septembers on record have all occurred in the past five years – any interesting trend to say the least. But you know, American Senators like to try to prove there is no climate change by pointing to freak regional weather – give me a break…
  • I bet you did not know that November 16 is National Fast Food Day? And in honor of this unhealthy holiday, my Google Search of the month was, “fast food restaurants and GIS.” If you check out the hits you get, you might find this Master’s Thesis by Kesha Patrice of California State University (Sacramento) where she uses GIS to analyze the relationship of fast food restaurant accessibility and a slew of mental/physical health indicators. Definitely a timely study with the prevalence of ‘fast-food lifestyles’ in the USA.
  • In October we checked out the online GIS resources for Massachusetts’ second largest city, and this month we move to Michigan doing the same here, with a look at Grand Rapids. When you hit the very simple GIS page for Grand Rapids, look in the picture header for a collection of some themed ArcGIS web maps. And if you follow this link, you can download (some of?) their GIS data in a spatial format.

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