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Posted on November 1st, 2016

Apollo News Snippets – November 2016

The September departure from average NOAA map shows pockets of record warmth across every continent minus Australia where there was a pocket of cooler than average weather.
  • Our readers might be happy to hear that the streak is over! After 16 record-setting months in a row, September 2016 was not the hottest month on record according to the latest NOAA global climate report. With that said, it was still the second hottest September in the 137 year record with average land temperatures 2.32°F warmer than 1900’s averages. Perhaps next month will pick back up with the global temperature records, we shall see!
  • On November 21, 1783, the first free balloon flight took place in Paris and so in honor of this historic event, my Google Search of the month was, “GIS and balloons.” If you scroll through the hits, you might find this intriguing article by Mund and Seang who propose using balloons to map Developing Countries. The authors describe their technique in the article as well as share some of the photo results, enjoy!
  • Last month we were on the far northwest corner of our country with a look at Seattle’s GIS resources, this month we jump back to the East Coast with a look at Charleston, West Virginia – the largest city in that state. And while the GIS site for Charleston is not stellar today, it is workable. Unfortunately I am not able to provide links to several of the pages I will discuss here given the way the site works, but from the homepage you are able to access a set of interactive online maps that will take you to a link like this – each of the maps are highly usable and customizable once you access them. Besides the map library which you can access from the homepage and then request printed maps, they are building out this nice data portalwhere you can download spatial files in a variety of formats. For requests not covered on the portal, you can reach out the GIS team directly with the information on the staff directory accessible from the homepage.

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