Posted on November 4th, 2014

Apollo News Snippets – November 2014

  • Do you have a child or sibling in your family who is trying to learn countries, capitals and/or the names of other key geographic features? If so, check out this website made by with tutorials and quizzes to help you learn your geography of all the world’s continents. Within each of their geography tutorial series are beginner, intermediate and expert level games to play and master.
level1_capitalsAn example of a beginner level tutorial to teach young learners African capitals. (Graphic Credit:
  • It’s football season which got me thinking about “GIS and helmets” (okay so I am a strange person I guess!) which was the Google search I ran this month. But the results I came across were less about football and more about biking – being an avid biker, I am totally fine with shifting my focus to bike helmets and general bike safety. In her Master’s Thesis, Erika Bocian used GIS to examine safe biking routes in Morris County, New Jersey. The results of her analysis might not be too shocking for those of you who live in locations with more urban sprawl than in dense communities as you find in Boulder, Colorado. Her research also delves into the psychology of ‘safety’ and shows how this is a rather flexible term.
  • From the Midwest, we head south to Mississippi’s largest town, Jackson, to survey their online GIS resources. And well, I am sorry to report that there really are no online GIS resources for the City of Jackson. There is a GIS website which can be found here; and then you are able to request what look to be printed maps but not the raw data here? There is what looks to be an experimental web map but right now it only shows small business grants so it has limited applicability.

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