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Posted on November 6th, 2013

Apollo News Snippets – November 2013

  • This month’s technology focus is on advances in wind power, one of the most widely-used renewable energy sources:

    Many people are concerned that wind farms take a high toll on our avian populations, however this study suggests that these dips are not long-term though construction can have an impact. And how about this related research on the impact of painting wind turbines to reduce accidental bird deaths?

    Studies suggest that Lake Michigan is a huge untapped resource for wind power. And how about storing excess power that is generated in an artificial island that is slowly filled with water and then emptied?

    Finally, here is an idea to store wind power generated off-shore in the structure used to hold the turbine in place; and here is a design for the world’s longest turbine blades.

A screengrab of Mike Wirth’s map of GABF medals created in 2009.
  • In honor of the Great American Beer Fest (GABF) which is starting in a few days here in Denver, check out this awesome infographic map created by Mike Wirth. Compiled from the results of the GABF after 2009, the map has some great beer stats as well as info on the states with the most medals. Perhaps it will come as no surprise that California and Colorado have dominated the competition but what is less intuitive are the number of awards per capita by state. Check out Mike’s map for a little beer drinking inspiration!
  • This month I couldn’t help but Google, “GIS and flood mapping,” and found this great article by Eric Kwabena Forkuo which brings together GIS and remote sensing. In the first step of his analysis, Dr. Forkuo utilizes free ASTER images to generate both a DEM and a land use map for a region in northern Ghana. This information is brought into ArcGIS and then combined with demographic data to assess local flood risk.
  • From Hawaii we travel to Idaho’s largest city, Boise, and check in on their GIS resources. The Boise site is well laid out with just the right number of links. They offer customized GIS maps with technology built around Silverlight here (this will not work well on Macs). You can also access  several printable maps here and then some predefined online maps here. Finally, GIS shapefiles, etc. are available by request to the GIS department.

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