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Posted on March 7th, 2023

Apollo News Snippets – March 2023

The NOAA extreme weather map for January 2023 shows below average sea ice extents in both the Arctic and Antarctic Seas. The Arctic ice extent was the 3rd smallest on record, and the Antarctic Sea ice extent set a record low for the month of January. During this record low, an iceberg the size of Texas broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. In the month, Cyclone Cheneseo also made landfall in Madagascar, killing more than 20 people and displacing over 34,000. (Credit: NOAA’s State of the Climate Reports)
  • The January 2023 NOAA Global Climate Report is out, and, not surprisingly, it was a relatively warm one. The January 2023 average global surface temperature was the 7th highest on record since 1850. Hawaii tied January 1941 for the warmest January on record. California experienced nine consecutive atmospheric rivers, which brought an astonishing 32 trillion gallons of snow and water to the state. And New Zealand recorded its wettest month on record since 1853. 
  • Did you know that March 2nd is National Banana Cream Pie Day? So our Google search of the month was, “Bananas and GIS”. We found this article by Wayan Nuarsa, Nyoman Dibia, Ketut Wikantika, Deni Suwardhi, and Nyoman Rai, titled GIS Based Analysis of Agroclimate Land Suitability for Banana Plants in Bali Province, Indonesia. The article was written for the Hayati Journal and was published in January 2018. It discusses how the need for bananas in Bali greatly outstrips the rate of production. In the article, Indonesia is identified as the 6th largest banana producer in the world. Using GIS for land-use suitability mapping and analysis, the study aimed to evaluate land potential for banana cultivation. Using agroecological factors such as rainfall, altitude, dry month and slope, the study showed that roughly 46.14% of the Bali Province in Indonesia could be planted with bananas. This would greatly increase the amount of bananas Indonesia could produce. If you’re curious about the process of banana farming, check out this Youtube video. Bonus points if you enjoy a slice of banana cream pie while you watch it! 😉 

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