Posted on June 3rd, 2014

Apollo News Snippets – June 2014

LaphamMap081609Map showing the spread of leprosy, malaria and small pox across the globe as well as an indication of the time of infection.
  • Maps often paint pictures we cannot with words alone. And here is a map that is no exception to the rule. It shows the spread of malaria, leprosy and small pox across the world from their points of origin. While leprosy and small pox have been eradicated, malaria still kills at least 1 million people per year.
  • I am not what you would call an outdoorsy person, but I do respect nature! And in honor of warm weather activities, this month I Googled, “fishing and GIS.” Here is an interesting PowerPoint put together by Wedell (Oregon State University) and Revell (U California Santa Cruz) that shows the power of GIS for community-based fisheries management. In this study, the authors employ participatory GIS to gauge local knowledge of fishing habitats, use of these areas and (of course) to create maps.

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