Posted on July 12th, 2016

Apollo News Snippets – July 2016

At least May 2016 was not the hottest month ever since 1880 – but it was the hottest May so that is something. You can see pockets of extreme heat in the Tropics with some cooler temperatures in part of the mid-latitude regions.
  • As the saying goes, to all good things much come an end and well I am happy to report that at least one streak has been broken in the May 2016 NOAA global climate report. And while May 2016 was the hottest May on record since record keeping started in 1880, it was not the hottest month ever and in fact it had the lowest departure from average temperature that we have seen since August 2015. Now that is nothing to write home about certainly as May 2016 was the 12th hottest month ever recorded, but hey I guess we should be happy it was not the hottest – or should we?…
  • The Fourth of July is upon us (or actually slightly past us) so the Google Search of the month was, “GIS and July 4th”. And much to my delight look at what I found, a project by Virginia Tech exploring the meaning of the Fourth of July during the Civil War. As the project should be online in Fall 2016, it is unclear how GIS will help but either way, this is one cool topic!
  • We travel from the Lone State to the Beehive State for our monthly review of the largest city’s online GIS presence- i.e. Salt Lake City, Utah. And while the GIS landing page is not much to look at, it does allow users to download GIS vector datasets; further, the GIS team gives every level of user something to work with. For novice users, there is a large collection of online maps here. One downfall of the site is that aerial images cannot be downloaded directly, but you can email the GIS team to setup access to them.

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