Apollo News Snippets – January 2015 - Apollo Mapping
Posted on January 6th, 2015

Apollo News Snippets – January 2015

The November 2104 NOAA percentile departure from normal temperature map. You can see that large pockets of Western and Northern Europe have seen record warm spells this year.
  • Continuing our monthly look at global weather trends as reported by NOAA here, the average temperature across the planet from January to November 2014 was the warmest period ever on record; with the average land temperature alone the 6th warmest ever recorded. The South, Midwest and East Coast of the United States continue to be global-standouts as cooler than normal locations. Another interesting anomaly in November was snow cover in Canada at the second largest extent on record for the month.
  • From the heart of the Midwest we travel northwest to the Rocky Mountain state of Montana with a preview of their largest city’s online GIS resources, Billings. Unfortunately, the city itself has little more than a placeholder GIS website that can be found here. Thankfully, the county of Yellowstone, which includes Billings, has a rather robust GIS site. The best feature is their online map with a wide variety of layers  to toggle on and off as well as a nice suite of tools and search options. You can also find a list of downloadable PDF maps here. What is missing from the site is a way to access the shapefiles used to create the online maps.

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