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Posted on December 1st, 2020

Apollo News Snippets – December 2020

The October 2020 temperature departure map show lots of record warmth centered over the Middle East, northern South America and south Asia. A marked pocket of cool weather hoovered over central North America.
  • I bet you are shocked to find out that for the 430th month in a row it was really hot on our planet? Well put that shocked face away as according to the NOAA Global Climate Report, October 2020 was the fourth hottest on record with the seven hottest Octobers all occurring in the past seven years. Some 6.8% of the world saw record warmth in the month. But at least some sanity could be restored here in the USA as we’ll have an administration in January that is willing to move on Climate Change reform, finally.
  • December 1st is World AIDS Day and so our Google search of the month was, “AIDS and GIS.” In the multitude of results, you might find this research by Yao et al. who use GIS to assess the spatial distribution of AIDS testing in Mozambique. And their results could surprise you (or perhaps not) a bit as access to AIDS testing was less an issue of spatial distribution and more about a citizen’s maximum educational achievement.

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