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Posted on December 3rd, 2019

Apollo News Snippets – December 2019

  • The October 2019 NASA Global Climate report is out and yep you guessed right, it was a hot October. In fact, it was the second hottest October on record, second only to 2015 – and as a side note, all five of the warmest Octobers have occurred since 2015. At 0.98°C (1.76°F) above the 20th Century temperate average, October 2019 was the 43rd consecutive October and the 418th consecutive month above this average. Yep and in the past month or so, the Trump administration formally backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement – a sad but predictable decision by these climate deniers…
There is far more red (or warm temperatures) on this October 2019 NOAA temperature departure map than blue but that big pocket of cooler weather is hovering right over the corporate headquarters of Apollo Mapping, bringing early season snow storms to the Rockies!
  • As Christmas approaches, an appropriate topic for the Google search of the month seemed to be, “Reindeers and GIS.” And this one actually seems to be a popular topic, so here is a nice thesis written by Emily Francis of the University of Northern Iowa which combines GIS and aerial imagery. Francis looked at reindeer herds in Russia’s Arctic Circle and used multiple remote sensing and telemetry techniques to track herds; and then used this information to assess climatic factors that influence winter herd movements.

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