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Posted on December 4th, 2018

Apollo News Snippets – December 2018

The October 2018 temperature percentile departure map shows record warmth over pockets of Asia, Alaska and Australia, with a large swath of cooler than average temps over North America.
  • The October 2018 NOAA Global Climate Report is out and (shocked face!) the warming trend of our planet continues. The average temperatures in the month were more than one and a half degrees (Fahrenheit) above their 20th Century averages – it was also the 406th month with temperatures over the 20th Century average and the second warmest October on record. Do you think the Trump admin will make any changes to their climate change policy with the resounding midterm defeat? We think not…
  • In honor of the horrific day in 1941, December 7, 2018 is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, and in honor these fallen soldiers, our Google Search of the month was, “GIS and Pearl Harbor.” If you go through the results, you might find this map of Japanese Internment camps, one of the blackest marks against our country made by Melissa Gentry of Ball State University. While simple in its presentation, the statistics here drive home the dire message of this ill-informed decision during World War II.
  • Last month we checked out the GIS resources of Grand Rapids, Michigan and this month we stay in the Midwest with a look at the second largest city in the state’s GIS resources, Saint Paul. And this month we introduce a new standardized format for this report as all GIS websites (at least in our opinion) should have the following links:
    Saint Paul GIS website –
    Saint Paul GIS contacts –
    Saint Paul GIS web map – (must register first, strange…)
    Saint Paul GIS map collections – none available
    Saint Paul GIS direct downloads – none available

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