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Posted on April 4th, 2017

Apollo News Snippets – April 2017

The NOAA February 2017 temperature percentiles departure map shows no pockets of record cold across the globe with pockets of record warmth over parts (small sometimes) of every continent.
  • The NOAA February 2017 global climate report is out and the warming trend continues. February 2017 was the second hottest February in the 138-year record and was also the highest monthly temperature departure since April 2016; and then the 7th highest departure ever recorded in 1646 months. But climate change is not an issue we should focus on right? Even if this is natural or only a small part due to humans, we need research and government funds to prepare ourselves for what is coming.
  • It’s April so I couldn’t help to wonder for my Google Search of the month, “Do April Showers Bring May Flowers?” Goodness I hope so – and apparently so does Nicole Carlozo from Duke University with a blog posting title matching my search. And okay while this is not a GIS article, it does have a great title and it does offer some good tips on reducing the amount of impervious surfaces on your plot of land.
  • From Alaska we travel to the warm weather state of Arizona with a review of the online GIS resources for their second largest city, Tucson. And while the Tucson GIS homepage is nothing to write home about, the tools you can access here are top notch! There are numerous themed web maps that can be accessed here; there are tons of GIS datasets to download here; and there is even information about public GIS meetings here.

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