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Posted on February 7th, 2013

An Update on the Recently Launched Astrium Satellites

An artist’s rendition of Pléiades 1B.

An artist’s rendition of SPOT 6.

All systems on board both recently launched Astrium satellites, Pléiades 1B and SPOT 6, are testing well within the expected parameters and should be commercially available in the coming months. We expect that SPOT 6 will be ready for sales in the month of February and that Pléiades 1B will join its twin Pléiades 1A in operations by the start of the summer tasking season in the United Season.

As a quick recap, SPOT 6 will provide 1.5-meter panchromatic and 6-meter 4-band multispectral images with a true blue band. And Pléiades 1B will provide 50-cm panchromatic and 2-meter 4-band multispectral images.

We are excited about the tasking opportunities that both SPOT 6 and the Pléiades 1 constellation offer for regional mapping, agriculture, resource management and much more. For more information on Astrium’s high resolution and medium resolution sensors, you can reach us at or at (303) 993-3863.

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