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SuperView NEO-1 Satellite

SpaceWill’s newest satellites, SuperView NEO-1 01 and 02, expand their growing constellation now with 30-cm resolution imagery.

SuperView NEO-1 Satellite Imagery Samples

SuperView NEO-1 30-cm Natural Color – World Island, Dubai, UAE; August 12, 2022
SuperView NEO-1 30-cm Natural Color – World Island, Dubai, UAE; August 12, 2022
SuperView NEO-1 30-cm Natural Color – Dubai, UAE; August 12, 2022
SuperView NEO-1 30-cm Natural Color – Rouleau, Canada; August 14, 2022
SuperView NEO-1 30-cm Natural Color – Rouleau, Canada; August 14, 2022
SuperView NEO-1 30-cm Natural Color – Dani Hama, India; August 15, 2023

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The Superview NEO-1 Advantage

4-Band Multispectral Imagery
SuperView NEO-1 images include red, green, blue and near-infrared (NIR) bands for multispectral analysis.

30-cm Imagery Resolution
SuperView NEO-1 joins a small club of satellites offering 30-cm resolution imagery, thus expanding our sub-50-cm high-resolution archive.

Collects 1.5 Million Square Kilometers Daily
The twin SuperView NEO-1 satellites can collect an astounding 1.5-million square kilometers of 30-cm imagery a day.

Overview & HistorySuperView NEO-1 SpecificationsPricing

On April 29, 2022, SpaceWill launched twin satellites from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China, forming the SuperView NEO-1 constellation. With a 30-centimeter (cm) panchromatic band and 1.6-meter (m) multispectral bands, this new SuperView NEO-1 constellation is SpaceWill’s launching point into 30-cm resolution satellites. They are the first of a planned 16 satellite constellation to launch before 2025. The satellites’ multispectral bands include red, green, blue and near-infrared (NIR), allowing for advanced spectral analysis. The SuperView NEO-1 constellation collects up to 1,500,000 square kilometers (sq km) a day, thus rapidly bolstering SpaceWill’s high-resolution satellite imagery archive.

Launch Details
  • Launch Date: April 29, 2022, 04:11:33 UTC (two satellites at once, SuperView NEO-1 01/02)
  • Vehicle: CZ-2B (Long March 2E) carrier rocket
  • Site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, China
  • Expected Mission Life: 6 years

SuperView-2 Components
  • Weight: 520 kg
  • Ground Transmissions: 2 x 800 Mbps, X-band
  • Transmission Code Rate to Ground: 2 x 900 Mbps, 2 x 450 Mbps, 1 x 900 Mbps

Orbit Characteristics
  • Altitude: 500 km
  • Period: 94 minutes
  • Inclination: 97.96°
  • Direction: sun-synchronous circular, north to south (across the lit side of Earth)
  • Equatorial Crossing Time: 10:30 AM local time (approximate; across lit side of Earth)
  • Revisit Frequency: 1 day (≥ 30° off-nadir)

Imaging System
  • Spectral Bands:
    • Panchromatic
    • 4-band multispectral (blue, green, red and near-infrared [NIR]
  • Sensor Resolution:
    • At nadir – 30-cm panchromatic & 1.2-m multispectral
    • 25° off-nadir – 50-cm panchromatic & 2-m multispectral
    • 50° off-nadir – 1-m panchromatic & 4-m multispectral
  • Spectral Band Wavelength Range: (minimum to maximum edge; in nm)
    • Panchromatic – 450 – 700
    • Blue – 450 – 520
    • Green – 520 – 590
    • Red – 630 – 690
    • NIR – 770 – 890
  • Dynamic Range: 11-bits

Collection Capabilities
  • Footprint Width: 12 km (at nadir)
  • Maximum Collection Geometry: 60 km x 90 km, single target acquisition
  • Daily Collection Capacity: 1,500,000 square kilometers per day (combined constellation capacity)
  • Georeferenced Horizontal Accuracy: ≤ 10-m CE90 (predicted; global average, dependent on terrain)

Below is the least expensive, color 30-cm SuperView NEO-1 data offered. Prices increase for new collections and data processing. Note that volume discounts are available as well as 40-cm and 50-cm resolution.

  • Data Source: archive (greater than 60 days old)
  • Minimum Order Size: 25 sq km (per area & date)
  • Product Type: 30-cm georeferenced + natural color or 4-band
  • Price Per Sq Km: $20.00 (more detailed pricing can be found here)

For an exact quote, please contact our Sales Team at

Looking for a SuperView NEO-1 spectral response curve to be used in an atmospheric correction and/or radiance conversion?

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