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You’re no longer in the dark with 92-cm nighttime satellite imagery from Jilin-1.

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Jilin-1 Nighttime Satellite Imagery Samples

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The Jilin-1 Nighttime Advantage

Collections at Night
Jilin-1 is one of the few satellites collecting imagery on the dark side of the planet, lending a unique nighttime perspective of Earth.

Sub-Meter Resolution in Color
Not only does it collect at night, Jilin-1 does so in high-resolution, color imagery showing off streetlamp-lined streets, harbors, stadiums and more.

Overview & HistoryJilin-1 Nighttime SpecificationsPricing

Operated by CG Satellite, the first Jilin-1 satellites were launched on October 7, 2015. It is the only commercial satellite constellation known to collect color night imagery on demand and in high resolution. Jilin-1 collects nighttime imagery in natural color (i.e. blue, green and red) at 92-cm resolution.

Nighttime imagery is ideal for studying light pollution, population, change detection and illegal fishing. Currently, Jilin-1 is only offering new collections of nighttime imagery. Each order comes with three collection attempts to try and reach 20% or less cloud cover.

Satellite Specs
    • Constellation Launch Dates: Optical A, Video 1/2/3, October 7, 2015, 04:13 UTC; Video 4/5/6, November 21, 2017, 04:50 AM UTC; Video 7/8, January 19, 2018, 04:12 UTC
    • Nighttime Sensor Resolution: (increases with off-nadir)
      • Video 3 to 8 area-array – 92-cm to 1-meter (nighttime imagery limited to 20° or less off-nadir)
    • Spectral Band Wavelength Range: (Video 3; Video 4 to 8; in nm)
      • Blue – 410 to 500; 437 to 512
      • Green – 500 to 580; 489 to 585
      • Red – 580 to 690; 580 to 723

Imaging Details
      • Equatorial Nighttime Crossing Time: 22:30 local time, Video 3/7/8; 0:00 local time, Video 4/5/6 (approximate)
      • Revisit Frequency: about 9 days (nighttime imagery limited to 20° or less off-nadir)
      • Dynamic Range: 8-bits
      • Footprint Dimensions: (east-west x north-south, at nadir)
        • Video 3 – 11 kilometer (km) x 4.5 km
        • Video 4 to 8 – 19 km x 4.5 km
      • Daily Collection Capacity:
        • Video 3 and 8 – 627 sq km per satellite
        • Video 4 to 7 – 1,083 sq km per satellite
      • Georeferenced Horizontal Accuracy: < 100-m CE90 (global average; depends on terrain and nadir pointing)

Below is the least expensive, nighttime Jilin-1 data offered. Note that volume discounts are available.

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