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GaoFen-1 Satellite

The Chinese satellite GaoFen-1 captures copious amounts of 2-meter medium-resolution imagery with an industry leading 60-km swath width.

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GaoFen-1 Satellite Imagery Samples

GaoFen-1 2-m Natural Color – Seattle, WA, USA; April 21, 2017
GaoFen-1 2-m Natural Color – Seattle, WA, USA; April 21, 2017
GaoFen-1 2-m Natural Color – Seattle, WA, USA; April 21, 2017

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The GaoFen-1 Advantage

Large Swath Width
GaoFen-1’s footprint is 60-kilometer wide which equals or out-competes all other medium-resolution satellites

Impressive Coverage
With imagery going back to 2013, GaoFen-1 offers a massive archive of 2-meter panchromatic and 8-meter 4-band multispectral data.

Overview & HistoryGaoFen-1 SpecificationsPricing

GaoFen-1 was launched on April 26, 2013 by the China National Space Administration (CNS), the first in a series of medium and high-resolution Chinese satellites. It was followed by GaoFen-2 with 80-centimeter (cm) resolution in 2014. GaoFen-1 offers 2-meter panchromatic and 8-meter 4-band (i.e. blue, green, red and near-infrared [NIR]) multispectral resolution with an impressive swath width of 60-kilometers (km).

GaoFen-1 is ideal for large areas of interest and monitoring projects with competitive pricing for 2-meter resolution satellite imagery, and a massive archive of historic data.

Satellite Specs
  • Launch Date: April 26, 2013, 4:13 UTC
  • Launch Mass: 1,080 kg
  • Control Systems: 3-axis stabilized, zero momentum stabilization, Earth pointing
  • Electrical Power Systems: solar power = 1278 W, output current from arrays= 40-42.6 A, Li-ion battery capacity= 80 Ah
  • Main Sensor Complement: 2 x HR (High Resolution cameras)
  • Sensor Resolution:
    • At nadir – 2-m panchromatic & 8-m multispectral (MS)
  • Spectral Band Wavelength Range: (in nm)
    • Panchromatic – 450 to 900
    • Blue – 450 to 520
    • Green – 520 to 590
    • Red – 630 to 690
    • NIR – 770 to 890

Imaging Details
  • Orbit Direction: sun-synchronous circular, north to south (across the lit side of Earth)
  • Equatorial Crossing Time: 10:30 local time (approximate; across lit side of Earth)
  • Revisit Frequency: within 4 days, global average
  • Dynamic Range: 10-bits
  • Footprint Width: 60 kilometer (km, at nadir)
  • Jilin-1 Georeferenced Horizontal Accuracy: 50-m CE90 (global average; depends on terrain and nadir pointing)

Below is the least expensive, color GaoFen-1 data offered. Prices increase for data processing. Note that volume discounts are available.

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Interested in academic research utilizing GaoFen-1 to classify urban heat islands?

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