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Elevation30 is derived from imagery collected by two 5-meter (m) optical sensors mounted in opposing directions on Airbus Defense and Space’s satellite, SPOT5. Located on the High Resolution Stereoscopy (HRS) instrument, these twin sensors collect in-track stereo pairs covering an area that is 600 kilometers (km) wide by 120 km long – or 72,000 square km (sq km). In operation since May 3, 2002, there are more than 123.2 million sq km of HRS data in the archive. These HRS stereo pairs are processed by Airbus Defense and Space to produce high-quality, wide-area coverage DEMs with up to 20-meter resolution.

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SPOT_Elevation30_comparisonAn animated comparison of 20-meter Elevation30, 30-meter ASTER GDEM and 90-meter USGS SRTM data obtained over Poland. (Image Sources: USGS, JPL and Airbus Defense and Space)

For many, one of the key steps to purchasing elevation data is understanding the costs. The prices below are for the least expensive Elevation30 data offered. Prices will increase for higher resolution and data processing. Volume discounts are available.

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  • DEM Post Spacing (i.e. Resolution): 20 m (in cartographic projection); ~30 m (in geographic projection)
  • Absolute Vertical Accuracy: 10 to 20 m Linear Error 90% (LE90), dependent on polygon size and slope of terrain
  • Absolute Horizontal Accuracy: 15 to 30 m Circular Error 90% (CE90), dependent on slope of terrain
  • Data Source: SPOT5 HRS stereo pairs collected by opposing 5-m optical sensors
  • Formats Available: DSM

Quick Turnaround Time

If turnaround time is the most important factor, then Elevation30 is the product choice as most areas can be derived from archived HRS stereo pairs with delivery timelines of two weeks or less.

Cost Effective

With a stereo pair footprint covering 72,000 sq km, Elevation30 data is the most cost-effective solution for projects requiring DEMs over large regions with resolution better than the free sources can offer.

Hard to Reach Areas

Elevation30 is appropriate for hard-to-reach and/or unsecure areas as multiple independent tests have confirmed the horizontal accuracy of HRS stereo pairs. As such, Elevation30 DEMs can be created without additional ground control.

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