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Derived from stereo pairs collected by Airbus Defense and Space GEO’s radar satellite, TerraSAR-X, Elevation10 data features 10-meter resolution with global coverage. This elevation data separates itself from the competition as radar signals can pass through clouds, haze and pollution that normally obscure the view of optical sensors.

TerraSAR-X stereo pairs have a footprint that is 30 kilometers (km) wide by 50 km long. By employing pairs collected in both ascending and descending directions, Airbus Defense and Space is able to remove many of the anomalies that are common in elevation data extracted from radar satellites. For projects requiring a more detailed look than can be offered by the free elevation datasets and/or for those in cloudy or hard-to-reach regions where this free data is of poor quality, the Elevation10 product suite is the ideal solution.

What to ExpectPricingKey SpecificationsDifferentiators
elevation10_comparisonAn animated comparison of 10-meter Elevation10 (both a DSM and DTM), 30-meter ASTER GDEM and 90-meter USGS SRTM data obtained over Barcelona, Spain. (Image Sources: USGS, JPL and Airbus Defense and Space)

For many, one of the key steps to purchasing elevation data is understanding the costs. The prices below are for the least expensive Elevation10 data offered. Prices will increase for higher resolution and data processing. Volume discounts are available.

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  • DEM Post Spacing (i.e. Resolution): 10 m
  • Absolute Vertical Accuracy: 5 to 10 m Linear Error 90% (LE90), dependent on slope of terrain
  • Absolute Horizontal Accuracy: 5 to 10 m Circular Error 90% (CE90), dependent on slope of terrain
  • Data Source: TerraSAR-X StripMap radar stereo pairs with up to 3-m resolution
  • Formats Available: DSM and DTM

Data in Cloudy Regions

Since radar signals can pass through clouds, Elevation10 DEMs are cloud and haze-free even in the most challenging areas to work, such as the Nigerian coastline, Malaysia and east coast Chinese cities.

Hard to Reach Areas

TerrSAR-X is an active sensor which sends radar pulses to the ground and measures the time it takes them to return. By combining this return time with accurate information on the satellite’s position in space, DEMs extracted from TerraSAR-X stereo pairs can achieve Elevation10 accuracy specifications without the use of ground control. As such, Elevation10 is appropriate for locations with restricted geographic access and/or unsafe conditions on the ground.

Rapid Deliveries

When elevation data is required that approaches engineering-grade accuracy and resolution but you cannot wait the weeks (even months) it can take to collect cloud-free stereo data with optical sensors, most Elevation10 orders can be delivered within a month from order placement.

Hydrologic Modeling

Elevation10 DTMs are hydrographically enforced (i.e. breaklined) as part of the standard product specification. Breaklined data shows more extreme changes in elevation that might be missed otherwise, making Elevation10 DTMs an excellent choice for hydrologic modeling and floodplain management.

Are you interested in more detailed Elevation10 product specifications?

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