Map Mavin

Welcome to Map Mavin – Our Pay-As-You-Go GIS Cloud

With Map Mavin, you have the power to create meaningful and secure web maps. Using our easy-to-navigate web interface and robust GIS cloud, you can count on accessibility, security and endless creative possibility – all at only $35/month.

A short introduction video to Map Mavin, our pay-as-you-go GIS cloud.


We’re here to help give meaning to your data. With Map Mavin, you can share your data with whomever you’d like, whenever you’d like, from whatever device you’d like. Backed up by redundant and distributed Amazon S3 servers, you can rest assured you’ll never lose your hard work. Plus, we’re versatile: Map Mavin accepts a wide variety of data formats, including shapefile, GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, geodatabase (with attachments), KML/KMZ and web service/API.


After you upload your data to Map Mavin, the real fun begins. Our easy-to-navigate web interface allows you unlimited power to give your data impact and meaning. Using our secure, robust GIS cloud, you can even use the same data to create unique maps shared with different users or teams – just like creating different playlists sourced from the same music library.


Creating and sharing a map is one thing, but with Map Mavin, your whole team can collaborate and connect in real time. Once you invite users to a map, you can start making informed decisions together based on your data and needs. Within this new geographical context, you can reach important decisions easily – such as where to put a road, where to send doctors or even as simple as where to go for a hike.

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We like to think of ourselves as the Robin Hoods of GIS – and we believe that quality map-making software should be accessible to everyone! With affordable pricing and flexibility unheard of in the GIS industry, we want to help you create meaningful, impactful maps that give you the power to make informed decisions.

Does our new GIS Cloud, Map Mavin, sound like something you can use? We envision this product to be useful for organizations who have spatial data users in multiple locations with some lacking access to GIS. If that is your organization, drop us a line and we will add you to our mailing list so you get product updates first.