International Satellites & MicroSats – High Resolution

View Example Imagery From Our Featured International Satellites and MicroSats

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In the past few years, the world has seen a proliferation in the launch of high resolution satellites, many of these by international companies. On this page, you will find key specifications of the international satellites and microsats we have chosen to work with as well as a variety of full resolution samples. Detailed pricing information for these and all of the satellites we work with can be found here.

KOMPSAT-3A - 40-centimeter (cm)
SuperView-1 - 50-cm
KOMPSAT-3 - 70-cm
SkySat - 72-cm
Deimos-2 - 75-cm
GaoFen-2 - 80-cm
TripleSat - 80-cm
TeLEOS-1 - 1-m
KOMPSAT-2 - 1-m