Image Hunter: Startup Tool Guide

So you’ve decided to use Image Hunter to speed up your request for satellite imagery and need a little help with the online interface? You’ve come to the right place.

Our goal is to get you the highest resolution imagery in the most effective way possible. With that in mind, we designed this guide to give you a solid base for understanding the tools available on our exclusive web app. Below you’ll find a short but thorough video tutorial; and a list of tools and what they do. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time here.

Happy hunting!

Video Tutorial

Tool Guide




The navigate section of the Discovery tab will allow you to find a geographic location by query. Specifically, this search bar will find most places by city and US county name.


If you’d like to search by address, geographic coordinates, decimal degrees or degrees minutes seconds, you can use the drop down menu under the Advanced icon.

Map Tools


Pan: Allows you to move and reposition the base map.

Zoom to AOI: Appears when an area of interest has been selected and zooms to your area of interest.

Layers: Toggles look and feel of map.

Measure: By selecting either the Distance or Area Measure tools, you will see a dialogue box pop up that will allow you to switch between the two tools. Simply select the measurement type and unit and then click on your starting point on the map. Drag your measure line to your next endpoint and click when you would like to end that segment and determine its distance. You can either continue to draw measurement lines or double-click to finish. If you have selected the Area tool, you’ll see a measurement for square miles/kilometers/acres as well once you create a closed polygon.

Content Search


Draw: The tools listed under the Draw tool dropdown menu allow you to draw a rectangle, polygon or place a point on the map in a variety of ways. For polygon tools, click once to start, once to draw another line and double-click to finish.

Upload: Allows you to upload a SHP, KML, or WKT file.

Scene IDs: This tool will open up a dialogue box where you can search by official satellite scene IDs.

Edit: Allows you to undo, redo, accept or cancel a selected area.

Clear: Erases the current area of interest.

Criteria: Refines the search results for an area of interest.

Other Tools


Coordinates Display: The heads up coordinates display in the bottom right corner of your screen will open a dialogue box that will allow you to refine the search results for an area of interest. You can also get to this dialogue box by clicking the Criteria button in the top navigation under the Discovery tab.


Search Results Tab: The search results tab on left hand side will open to display available imagery once you have selected an area of interest. If it fails to open, you can click and drag it open.