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Posted on January 6th, 2015

Free For All – View from the International Space Station

From time-lapse animations of stars and night skies to solar flares, I love videos of space. December was a good month for time-lapse videos from the International Space Station, as observed by Bad Astronomy and retold here. Let’s start from the beginning and take a look at where photography from the International Space Station (ISS) began with Don Pettit. This video gives a bunch of juicy background information on astronaut Don Pettit and how he discerned the best way to take so many gorgeous shots of the Earth, the stars and station:

The next video takes you on a late-night rendezvous from England to Egypt, with lights piercing through the clouds and haze while you snake down the Nile River:

The next one is a series of videos taken by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst. The night sky framed by the Aurora Borealis is breath taking from his perspective above Earth. He also captured the Dragon capsule attached to the ISS, followed by a number of images of Earth at night, sunrises, stars and the Milky Way as the ISS zoomed between it all with its solar panels rotated towards the Sun:

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