Posted on October 11th, 2012

Free For All – DMC/DEIMOS-1 Toolkit for ENVI

Recently, we have had increased interest in medium resolution DEIMOS-1 satellite imagery. DEIMOS-1 is operated by Deimos Imaging, a Spanish corporation and is made available to the US market through Astrium Geo Services. DEIMOS-1 has 22-meter resolution and is affordably priced. As such, it is a good alternative for those working with LandSat imagery with lower resolution and scan line errors. It is similar to LandSat data with 3-bands in the red, green and near-infrared. This medium resolution option is useful for people looking to complete large-scale vegetation and land-use studies. In this Free For All, we focus on a toolkit you can add to ENVI to extend its default functionality to DEIMOS-1 imagery.


The DMC/DEIMOS-1 Toolkit allows users to open DEIMOS imagery in ENVI.

You can download the toolkit here and save the file in the ENVI “save_add” subfolder. When you open ENVI again, you will be able to load DMCs and DIMAP files. And under Basic Tools, you can now convert raw DEIMOS data to radiance and/or sensor reflectance.

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