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Posted on November 13th, 2012

Crime Analysis

The Spatial Predictive Analysis of Crime Extension, SPACE, is the CSI of GIS.  This free ArcGIS extension allows users to perform crime analysis functions on spatial data.

Above is the free SPACE toolbar for ArcGIS that assists in crime analysis. (Image credit: Bair Analytics)

This month’s Free For All is a free toolbar extension for ArcGIS that is used for crime analysis. It is called the Spatial Predictive Analysis of Crime Extension, SPACE for short. The extension allows you to open a ATAC database in ArcGIS and highlight data in both your map and database. The SPACE extension includes a Buffer Layer that creates a buffer around highlighted points. Like the normal buffer function the buffer size can be based on linear units or a data variable; you can also change how the buffers dissolve and overlap. Using this tool, you can find crime incidents near each other or near specific places.

The Study Area Layer creates a polygon that bounds all of the points and creates a buffer around the polygon to ensure that the edge of the polygon incorporates all incidents. With the Sequence Layer, you can analyze the movement of cases by drawing lines from case to case and from first to last to help predict crime movement and patterns.

The toolbar also includes Mean Nearest Neighbor Calculation, Minimum Convex Polygon, Spider Diagram, Directional Distribution and Link Points. You can read more about the extension and submit a request for the download from Bair Analytics here.

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